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1. Is a teenager required to complete a driver education course before receiving a driver license?

Yes.  Texas law requires persons under 18 years of age to successfully complete a state-approved course in driver education before they are eligible to receive driver licenses.


 2.  Is there more than one method for a teen to complete a Texas-approved driver education course?

Yes.  There are three methods:

  1. LICENSED DRIVER TRAINING SCHOOLS:  The Driver Training Division regulates commercial (licensed) schools and can provide information on the driver education programs provided through them.
  2. PUBLIC SCHOOLS:  Public schools, education service centers, colleges, and universities may offer driver education programs.  You can view a listing of the public schools that have DE programs at the Active Public Driver Education School List.
  3. PARENT TAUGHT DRIVER EDUCATION COURSES:  The Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) is responsible for the parent taught driver education program.

3. How much do the driver education courses cost?

Each school establishes a fee schedule for the costs of their programs.  BUT WE ARE THE LOWEST THAT YOU WILL FIND WITH QUALITY INSTRUCTORS.

4. How long is the teen driver education course?

The classroom phase of a driver education course is at least 32 hours (32, 40,  or 56 hours in public schools) which cannot be completed in less than 16 days.  The in-car phase consists of 7 hours of behind-the-wheel driving, 7 hours of in-car observation, and an additional 30 hours of behind-the-wheel driving – of which 10 hours must be done at night.

The additional 30 hours of behind-the-wheel driving will be monitored by the parent or guardian and are not required to be provided by a licensed driver education school.  However, the hours must be completed in the presence of  an adult who holds a valid license, is 21 or older,   has at least one year of driving experience, and occupying the seat next to the driver.

5. If I am absent for a day or two from a commercial driver education school, may I get an excused absence and miss those classes?

No.  To obtain a Texas driver license prior to the age of 18, all driver education hours in both the classroom and in-car must be attended or made up.  Therefore, all absences must be made up no matter if the absence is excused or unexcused.  Each school is responsible for developing a make-up plan based on state guidelines.  Contact the driver education school staff to obtain a copy of the make-up policy.

Schools must limit the number of absences that are allowed and must require students with excessive absences to re-enter or repeat the course. 

8. I heard that I can now miss one full week (10 hours) of driver education classroom sessions and make them up later.  Is that true?

Yes.  If you are attending a commercial (licensed) driver education school, you can miss up to 10 hours and make them up at a later date. 

9. I’m 17 and finished a driver education course last month.  I’m still driving on my permit.  Do I have to take a road test at DPS?

Yes.  Starting on September 1, 2009 any student submitting an application to DPS for a permit or a driver’s license must take a road test.